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Flo-Tite Logo FLO-TITE: BALL VALVES and AUTOMATION: Extensive offering of three-piece, flanged and special service ball valves in carbon, stainless steel and special alloys. Various end configurations, cavity fillers, metal seated, multi-port, characterized and segmented balls for control applications. Full automation capabilities off the shelf. Wide range of seating materials as well as custom designed valves. Extensive mounting capabilities with the “Easy Link System”, as well as a series of direct mount ball valves. High Pressure and Trunnion Valves available.

Max-Seal Logo MAX-SEAL: HIGH PERFORMANCE AND RESILIENT SEATED BUTTERFLY VALVES: Up to 120 inch in various styles, configurations and materials. High Performance options include metal seated, and special service capabilities, including cryogenic. Max-Seal Resilient Seated series with ductile iron bodies, various seat and disc materials and multiple shut-off pressures. Teflon seats also available.

Titan Flow Control Logo TITAN FLOW CONTROL, INC: STRAINING DEVICES: Strainers in a full range of materials, sizes, styles and configurations. Wye, Simplex, Duplex, Fabricated, Cone and Plate. Size ranges from ¼ inch through 48 inch in iron, bronze, ductile, carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloys. CHECK VALVES: 1/2 inch through 42 inch. ANSI Class 150, 300, 600. Unique “Flexible Body” series. Globe type 2 inch through 24 inch, Econo-check designs from ½ inch through 2 inch. An extensive STOCK offering of Strainers and check valves in a wide selection of designs, in stock and ready to ship. Special Designs and coatings available.

Mill-Rite Logo
MILL-RITE, INC: BRACKETS AND MOUNTING KITS: Mounting assemblies, stem extensions, special valve couplings and accessory designs. Mill-Rite offers full machining and fabrication capabilities. If you need it milled right…contact Mill-Rite! Mill Rite Kits

VAC Logo VAC / BLX: VALVE ACCESSORIES AND CONTROLS: Full offering of valve positioners and accessories. VAC and BLX series of products offer pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and digital positioners. Positioners and Mounting Kits in stock for most automation applications. Special service positioners, special high temperature units, special nickel coatings and full modular capabilities. VAC offers multiple flow spool valves, various spindle designs, cams and a wide range of feedback components. Mounting Kit capabilities for standard and custom designs..

Xanik XANIK: SPECIALTY INDUSTRIAL VALVES: Pressure Seal Valves, Class 150 to 4500 in Gates, Globes and Checks; HF Alkylation Valves, class 150 to 800; Special Alloy Valves (Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy, etc.); Bar Stock Valves, and a wide offering of custom designed valve product. Specialty Valve Group is the exclusive North American Agent for Xanik.

AIR-CON AIR-CON: PNEUMATIC ACTUATORS: Double Acting and Spring Return Actuators. Dual opposed cylinder design (rack and pinion) providing double acting torque up to 40,000 inch pounds. Extended range sizes up to 1,500,000 inch lbs. of torque. Extensive stock capabilities. Hi-Temp designs and accessories.

Titan Flow: Replacement Baskets And Screens TITAN FLOW: REPLACEMENT BASKETS AND SCREENS: Full offering of custom designed baskets and screens for almost any strainer manufacturer. Screen, mesh, special service and alloys. One day turn around on most offerings.

Titan Flow: Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves TITAN FLOW: RESILIENT SEATED BUTTERFLY VALVES:
2 inch through 42 inch. HVAC and Commercial offerings of quality soft seated butterfly valves. Iron, ductile iron with EPDM, Buna N, and Viton seating. Extensive Quick Ship program. Pressures up to 200 PSI.

Titan Flow: Fabrication TITAN FLOW: FABRICATION: Special Fabrication capabilities of specialty strainers, TEE’s, large size duplex offerings. simplex, wye, FRP (Fiberglass) duplex, special coatings and internals. Special basket modifications. Extensive fabrication capabilities.

Allied Flow Controls Logo ALLIED FLOW CONTROLS, INC: Pneumatic actuation, double rack and pinion design. Extensive automation capabilities with high torque options. Accessories and other options are available. Special four piston actuators available for high output, low profile applications.

Cameron Demco: Butterfly Valves DEMCO: BUTTERFLY VALVES (D): Resilient seated BFV for industrial, process, power and commercial applications. Demco offers an extensive assortment of body styles and configurations, body materials, seat materials and trim offerings. 2 inch through 48 inch. Special service valves for food, beverage and sanitary applications. Multiple shut-off pressures. Thousands of variations available.

Cameron W-K-M Logo WKM: HIGH PERFORMANCE BUTTERFLY VALVES (D): Carbon and Stainless Steel in ANSI Class 150, 300, 600. High Temperatures up to 1,000 degrees F. Manual and automated. Size ranges to 30 inch. Ball Valves in extensive sizes ranges and pressure classes. Trunnion and floating ball valve designs are also available from WKM.

Senitec Logo SENITEC: LIMIT SWITCHES: Position Indicating Devices: Easy “Set and Forget” cam design. Enclosures include Nema 3, 4, 4X 7 and 9. Switch configurations of mechanical, inductive, SPDT, DPDT, proximity, sensor interface, ASi. Make the Switch … to Senitec!

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(D) = Distributor Product Updated: 10-15

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